Distance contracts and right of withdrawal 

Lysa enters into distance agreements with individuals regarding investment accounts and portfolio management. According to national legislation implementing Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, in Sweden law (2005:59) on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises (the Distance Contracts Act), Lysa must provide the consumer with certain information a reasonable time before entering into a financial services agreement. Below, you can find company and business information and general information about the right of withdrawal. In addition to this, reference is made to the general terms and conditions of our services.

Company and business information 

Lysa AB, Reg. No. 559028-0821, is an investment firm with authorisation to conduct securities business. The licensing and supervisory authority is the Swedish Financial Supervisory Agency. All agreements and information material from Lysa is in Swedish or English. Information from Lysa may also be in the language of the country in which the customer registers. Communication between Lysa and the customer will be in Swedish or English.

General information about the right of withdrawal 

The account holder has the right to cancel the contract entered into (right of withdrawal) with Lysa by sending a message to Lysa within 14 days from the date the agreement was concluded. The right of withdrawal applies only to the initial product agreement and not to services or transactions already performed. This means that you cannot use the right of withdrawal if you have deposited money into your account and Lysa has invested these for you.