Remuneration policy 

Here you can find information about Lysa’s remuneration policy. None of Lysa’s employees receive bonuses. Employees may instead be offered variable remuneration consisting of qualified employee stock options. 

Lysa AB is part of a company group (the “Lysa Group”) consisting of three companies; Lysa Group AB (the “Parent company”), Lysa Fonder AB (the “Fund Company”) and Lysa. Lysa and the Fund Company are wholly owned subsidiaries to the Parent Company. 

Lysa is an investment firm and must therefore have a formal remuneration policy. A remuneration policy aims to promote a sound and efficient risk management and counteract excessive risk-taking. Slightly simplified, this is done mainly by setting specific rules for how and when variable compensation and bonuses may be paid out. Lysa’s remuneration system must be in line with Lysa’s long term interests, encourage good performance and be able to maintain and attract competent employees.

Lysa’s remuneration policy has been adopted by the Board of Directors. Lysa applies individual salaries and does not pay bonuses. To be able to hire competent employees, the Lysa Group however offers qualified employee stock options in the Parent Company. 

In order to fulfill the regulatory requirements, we will annually review and update our remuneration policy. On a yearly basis we will also analyse and identify which employees that have a material impact on the company’s risk profile.