Frequently asked questions

Why should I invest with Lysa?

Lysa gives you an easy and smart way to invest your money for a low fee.

Our vision is to set a new standard for personal investments that is truly good for the individual, not just for the banks.

How will my investments with Lysa be taxed?

The funds in your portfolio are Swedish investment funds and are held on a Swedish investment account. However, your fund holdings will be taxed in the same way as Finnish investment funds. This means that your fund holdings with Lysa will be taxed when a fund unit is sold.


Capital gains will be taxed as capital income at a tax rate of 30% or 34% depending on your overall capital income (income year 2021) and capital losses are generally deductible.

If you are not a tax resident in Sweden, you will not pay any tax in Sweden.

You can find more tax-related information here.

Will Lysa report tax-related information about my investments to the Finnish Tax Agency?

Yes. Lysa will report information about your fund holdings and the transactions you make throughout the year to the Finnish Tax Agency. Consequently, all relevant information about your investments with Lysa will be included in your pre-filled tax return. However, always remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that your tax return is complete and correct and that you are obliged to correct any inaccuracies (including inaccuracies in the information reported by Lysa).

Is my money safe with Lysa?

Lysa has the same protections you get with your regular bank. You own the assets that we invest your money in. And you can withdraw your money at any time.

How is my money invested?

We invest your money in what we believe are the best global index funds and bond products. Your investment allocation is tailored to your needs (based on your answers when you sign up).

You can see the instruments included in our portfolios here.

Does it cost anything to withdraw money from Lysa?

No, we don't charge you for making a withdrawal.

Can I withdraw money from my account at any time?

Yes, you can withdraw money from Lysa at any time.

What fees do I pay?

The fee you pay to Lysa consists of a fee for portfolio management (Lysa AB) and a fund management fee (Lysa Fonder AB), and will never exceed 0.24%.

In addition, there are fees for the underlying mutual funds and transaction fees. However, your total fee will never exceed ca. 0.342% per year.

See our fees in detail here.

What is the lowest investment amount I can get started with?

The lowest initial deposit amount is 100 EUR.