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Lysa (swedish for "light up") is an investment service that makes personal investments easy, smart and cheap.


Through your invitation, both you and your friend that invited you, get up to 20%* discount on Lysa's management fee for three months. Click the button below to get started with Lysa and activate your discount.

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*When you activate the discount both you and your friend that invited you will get up to 20% discount on Lysa's fee for investment amounts below €20 000. The discount is activated for you both when you open a Lysa account and deposit money. The discount is decreased for higher amounts.

Smart investing.

Made simple.


Everything starts with an investment advice based on your answers about your goals and economical situation. When you've deposited money into your account, we will automatically invest according to your investment advice.


We base our investment strategy on Nobel Prize winning science resulting in high diversification and low fees. Combined with our automatic rebalancing, we make sure it's easy to stay on track with your investing.


Low fees are very important for long term success when it comes to investing. With Lysa, you never pay more than 0,378% in total fees per year. Lysa's fee is 0,15 - 0,24% and we invest your money into assets with average fees of 0,15%. 


Over 70,000 customers in Sweden investing their savings with Lysa.

€1+ billion

We manage over €1 billion for our customers.

4,9 / 5

Our customers rate our service highly. Our TrustScore is 4,9 / 5 based on 480+ reviews.


Based on assets under management we are the largest robo-advisor in the Nordics.